Best of Fuji Two-Day Bike Tour

   Panoramic Views
   Art, Culture and Outdoors

Tour highlights:
Day 1: Mt Fuji Descent and Two Lakes
  • experience the thrill of biking all the way down Mt Fuji's slopes
  • cycle on the shores of two beautiful lakes in the mountain's foothills
  • visit an atmospheric ancient shrine
  • view Mount Fuji foregrounded by vast fields of colorful blooms at two flowers parks
  • experience the iconic mountain from quiet country roads relatively few tourists visit
  • day ends with drop off at your Kawaguchiko-area hotel
Day 2: Three Lakes and Western Fuji Highlands
  • bike around the most peaceful and secluded three of the five lakes in Mt Fuji's foothills
  • explore a traditional artisans' village with thatched-roof houses
  • visit Fuji's scenic western foothills where picturesque farms foreground the mountain
  • see a spectacular waterfall that is among the most celebrated sights in Japan
  • the second half of this day of the tour is almost entirely downhill
  • day ends with drop off at your hotel or the train station in Kawaguchiko
Difficulty: Easy. (Our support car enables anyone to complete this tour, regardless of their level of physical fitness).

Duration: 2 days
Terrain: Mostly flat bike paths and country roads, a few hills
Average length per day: 55 km (35 mi)
Average elevation gain per day: 275 m/day (Moderate)
Departs from: Kawaguchiko Station
Ends at: Kawaguchiko Station
Tour fee: ¥57,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥85,000/person for 2 people or ¥170,000 for 1 person
What's included:

  • two full days of touring
  • support car (to ride in if you get tired while biking)
  • English-speaking guide
  • bicycle and helmet
  • entrance fee for traditional village visited during the tour
  • basic insurance
  • bottled water, lunches and snacks
  • drop off at your hotel at the end of each day (or at Kawaguchiko Station on the last day of the tour)
What's not included: Airfares and train and bus transportation to and from the departure and end points of the tour, hotel stays, breakfasts and dinners. We will provide flight, train and bus schedules and booking information for travel to and from the departure and end points of the tour, and you will book and pay for your plane tickets and train and bus trips. We will also provide a list of convenient hotels you can choose from, and you will book and pay for your hotel stays for the tour dates.

Description: This tour takes you to the most scenic spots in the Mt Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes regions. On the first day of the tour, experience the thrill of biking down Fuji's slopes, stopping along the way at high-elevation vista points with panoramic views. Pedal around two of the lakes in the mountain's foothills with breathtaking countryside landscapes. Then visit a historic shrine and lush flower gardens that foreground Fuji.

Spend the second day of the tour cycling around the smaller and more remote three of the Fuji Five Lakes. Explore a well-preserved ancient village where artisans produce elaborate hand-made crafts in traditional Japanese thatched-roof houses. Travel off the beaten path on lovely country roads relatively few tourists see. Then coast down long, gentle hills through Fuji's western highlands, past evergreen forests and picturesque farms, to a magnficent waterfall.