Breathtaking Fuji Views Full-Day Tour By Car

   By Car
   Panoramic Views
   Art, Culture and Outdoors

Tour highlights:
  • our private car takes you to the 5th Station on Mt Fuji's slopes where you'll enjoy panoramic vistas from above the clouds
  • sightsee on the shores of three picturesque lakes that foreground diverse views of Mt Fuji
  • visit a beautifully-preserved ancient village of thatched-roof houses where local artisans display traditional crafts
  • stroll under the branches of lakeside cherry trees that flower in spring
  • take in panoramic views of the Fuji Five Lakes region from the bridge over Lake Kawaguchi
  • stand beside a magnificent pagoda that frames the quintessential postcard shot of Mt Fuji
  • see the iconic mountain framed by maples and ginkos whose leaves turn red and yellow in fall
  • explore an atmospheric shrine in a grove of giant cedar trees
  • visit a park where a variety of seasonal blooms foreground Fuji
  • unlike most of our tours, this one involves no bike riding

Duration: 8 hours
Departs from: Kawaguchiko Train Station
Tour fee: ¥25,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥37,500/person for 2 people or ¥75,000 for 1 person
What's included: Private car and driver, English-speaking guides, lunch, bottled water and snacks, toll for the road to Mt Fuji's 5th Station, entrance fee for artisans' village

Description: Discover the spectacular beauty of Mt Fuji and Lakes Kawaguchi, Yamanaka and Sai with the help of our team of guides who bring you by private car to a curated selection of the Fuji Five Lakes region's most sublime locations. See magnificent seasonal attractions like corridors of cherry trees in bloom, hillsides blanketed by snowy evergreens, tunnels of maple branches dressed in fiery colors and fields of flowers that foreground Fuji's silhouette. Go at your own pace as you take in each breathtaking scene and, if you're a photography enthusiast, set up your ideal shots.

You'll visit a wide variety of extraordinary sites that show off Mount Fuji or juxtapose the region's impressive cultural and architectural features with natural environments of incredible beauty. Stops on the journey include an atmospheric shrine in a grove of giant cedar trees and an enchanting promenade where swans can be seen floating across Fuji's reflection on the surface of a lake. At a beautifully-preserved ancient village in the countryside, you'll have the opportunity to see the work of local artisans who create traditional hand-made ceramics, wood carvings, paintings and indigo-dyed fabrics.

Photography enthusiasts can explore endless possibilities for composition beside ancient pagodas, among traditional thatched-roof farmhouses and from vista points on the forested slopes of Japan's highest peak.

Whether you're a a casual sightseer or a serious photographer, this tour offers you an excellent way to experience the best attractions and most awe-inspiring panoramas in the region. We also offer a half-day version and a two-day version of this tour.

  • Meet our guides at Kawaguchiko Station
  • Ride up the Subaru Line Road on Mt Fuji's slopes in our support car (typically 75 minutes)
    • Stop at vista points along the road to enjoy views of the Fuji Five Lakes region below
    • At the 5th Station on Mt Fuji's slopes, take in views of the mountain's peak above and the landscapes and "sea of clouds" below
  • Ride back down Mt Fuji's slopes in our support car (typically 40 minutes)
  • Short break for snacks
  • Visit Arakurayama Sengen Park (typically 45 minutes)
    • view Mt Fuji framed by the Sengen Shrine's gate
    • walk up 400 steps to Chureito Pagoda
    • enjoy views of Mt Fuji framed by the pagoda, along with cherry blossoms in spring and colorful leaves in autumn
  • Our support car brings you to the locations with the best views around Lake Yamanaka (typically 90 minutes)
    • Stop at a beach, a promenade and a lookout tower that offer fantastic views of Mt Fuji and the lake
    • See the iconic mountain and the lake from a high-elevation panoramic viewpoint where cherry trees bloom in spring
    • Visit a park where vast fields of seasonal flowers foreground Fuji
  • Lunch break (typically 45 minutes)
  • Explore Fuji Sengen, a historic Shinto shrine in a cedar grove (typically 30 minutes)
  • Our support car drives you to outstanding sites around Lake Kawaguchi where you'll sightsee on foot (typically 75 minutes)
    • Walk across a bridge that spans the lake, taking in panoramic views
    • Stroll beside rows of cherry trees on the waterfront, enjoying cherry blossom viewing in spring
    • Stop at the "Maple Corridor" and "Momiji Tunnel," viewing Fuji framed by colorful leaves in autumn
    • Visit a flower park where colorful blooms foreground Mt Fuji and the lake
  • Short break for snacks
  • Our support car takes you to must-see attractions around Lake Saiko (typically 75 minutes)
    • Stop at a beach where Mt Fuji is often reflected on the lake's surface
    • Walk a short forest trail to a vista point where Fuji is framed by red pines
    • Visit an ancient village of thatched-roof houses where local artisans display traditional Japanese crafts
  • Ride to Kawaguchiko Station in our support car (20 minutes)
  • Tour concludes at Kawaguchiko Station

Photos from the Breathtaking Fuji Views Full-Day Tour By Car