Mount Fuji Ascent Bike Tour

   For Fit Cyclists
   Panoramic Views

Tour highlights:
  • bike up Mt Fuji from its foothills to the 5th Station, the highest point where cyclists are allowed
  • after the ascent, experience the thrill of riding down the mountain
  • enjoy outstanding views of Mt Fuji, the surrounding landscapes and the "sea of clouds" below
  • visit a picturesque Shinto shrine dedicated to the mountain
  • cycle at your own pace on excellent paved roads
  • ride in our support car whenever you get tired so you can complete the tour regardless of your level of fitness

Available dates: June 15 to September 30. (Not offered outside these dates due to the possibility of very low temperatures and icy and snowy roads at high elevations).
Difficulty: Strenuous
Typical duration: 5 hours
Maximum duration: 6 hours
Terrain: Mountain roads with long uphill sections
Length: 30 km (19 mi) ascent and 30 km descent
Total elevation gain: 1,500 m
Departs from: Kawaguchiko Train Station
Tour fee: ¥23,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥34,500/person for 2 people or ¥69,000 for 1 person
What's included: Support car, road tolls, English-speaking guide, bicycle, basic insurance, helmet, bottled water and snacks

Description: Bike from the foothills of Mount Fuji to the 5th Station on its slopes, the highest point to which cyclists are allowed to ascend. Pass through lush evergreen forests and fields of deep red volcanic rock. Stop at roadside vista points with panoramic views.

At the top of the route, gaze at the mountain's spectacular peak above and the majestic expanse of clouds below. You'll also visit a picturesque Shinto shrine dedicated to Fuji. Then enjoy the rush of biking all the way down to the foot of the mountain.

With our support car available to ride in whenever you get tired, you can complete the ascent regardless of your level of fitness and cycling experience. Cyclists up for the challenge may choose to complete the round trip solely under their own power.

  • Meet our guides at Kawaguchiko Station
  • Bike up the Subaru Line Road to the 5th Station on Mt Fuji's slopes, stopping at vista points along the way (typically 3½ hours)
  • Explore the 5th Station on foot (typically 30 minutes)
    • Enjoy views of Fuji's peak and the landscapes below
    • Visit a picturesque shrine dedicated to Mt Fuji
    • Short break for snacks
  • Bike down the Subaru Line Road (typically 45 minutes)
  • Bike to Kawaguchiko Station (typically 15 minutes)
  • Tour concludes at Kawaguchiko Station

Photos from the Mount Fuji Ascent Bike Tour