Fuji Wilderness Three-Day Bike and Hike Tour

   Panoramic Views
   Bike and Hike
   Art, Culture and Outdoors
   Optimal for Social Distancing

Tour highlights:
  • Over the course of three days, cycle around all five of the lakes in Mt Fuji's foothills
  • Each day of the tour includes a half-day bike ride and a half-day hike
  • Hike on ancient lava beds in the famous Aokigahara "Sea of Trees" forest
  • Visit a magnificent shrine dedicated to Mt Fuji
  • Hike along two mountain ridges with outstanding yet little-known views of Mt Fuji
  • See Fuji's iconic peak foregrounded by flower parks filled with colorful blooms
  • Cycle on a lakeshore with dedicated bike paths where swans float across Mt Fuji's reflection on the water
  • Ride under cherry blossoms in spring and colorful maple leaves in fall

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 days
Average length per day: 30 km (20 mi), 8 km (5 mi)
Average total elevation gain per day: 150 m (500 ft), 400 m (1,300 ft)
Terrain: Mostly flat country roads, a few hills, Mountain and forest trails
Departs from and ends at: Kawaguchiko Train Station
Tour fee: ¥85,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥125,000/person for 2 people or ¥250,000 for 1 person
What's included: Support car, English-speaking guide, bicycle, basic insurance, helmet, bottled water, lunches and snacks

Description: Over the course of three full days, a cycling trip around all of the Fuji Five Lakes is interspersed with three half-day hikes. One of the hikes leads deep into the famous Aokigahara "Sea of Trees" forest and across its ancient, moss-blanketed lava beds. The other hikes ascend to mountain ridges that offer diverse and outstanding views of Mt Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes.

Each day of this tour immerses you in a variety of breathtaking natural environments, from beech and evergreen forests to wildflower-peppered hillsides to quiet country roads. On the way you'll visit a uniquely beautiful Shinto shrine on a mountainside and flower parks where colorful blooms foreground Fuji's iconic peak.

The cycling course winds along lakeshores where swans float across Mt Fuji's reflection in the water and rows of cherry and plum trees are filled with pink, red and white blossoms in spring. You'll ride beneath maple and ginko trees whose leaves put on a fantastic display of fiery hues in fall.

Of all the tours we offer, this is our favorite because several of the panoramic views it offers are among the most magnificent in Japan, and yet they are also off the beaten path and among the country's best-kept secrets.

Photos from the Fuji Wilderness Three-Day Bike and Hike Tour