Lake and Cave Bike Tour

   Panoramic Views

Tour highlights:
  • our support car takes you to one of the area's most remote lakes in a rural setting
  • explore a cave with dramatic ice and lava formations
  • bike on a lakeshore with outstanding views of Mt Fuji and the surrounding forests
  • experience the iconic mountain from quiet country roads relatively few tourists visit
  • visit a beach where Fuji can often be seen towering above its reflection on the surface of the lake
  • this tour combines one of our easiest bike courses with a short walk in a cave
Difficulty: Easy

Typical duration: 2 hours
Maximum duration: 2½ hours
Terrain: Flat country roads
Length: 16 km (10 mi)
Total elevation gain: 20 m (70 ft)
Departs from: Kawaguchiko Train Station
Tour fee: ¥14,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥20,000/person for 2 people or ¥40,000 for 1 person
What's included: Support car (to travel to the remote lakeshore and to ride in if you get tired), English-speaking guide, entrance fee for cave visited during the tour, bicycle, basic insurance, helmet, bottled water and snacks

Description: This tour takes you to the Aokigahara "Sea of Trees" and an atmospheric cave formed when lava flowed through this legendary forest in ancient times. Dramatic ice and lava formations in the cave are set off by colorful lights, making the short walkthrough a particularly appealing adventure for kids. At its most attractive between fall and late spring, the cave is cold enough for some ice to remain all year round.

After exploring the cave, you'll cycle on quiet country roads around a lakeshore with spectacular views of Mount Fuji. The lake's waters are exceptionally clean and transparent, and the iconic mountain is often reflected on their surface, creating an enchanting "double-Fuji" image.

Along the bike route, leaves of maples turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange in fall, and plum trees are covered with bright red blossoms in spring. The cycling course also winds past groves of lush oaks and evergreens.

If you're looking for an opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy fantastic countryside views while having fun with your children, this easy, short tour is an excellent choice.

  • Meet our guides at Kawaguchiko Station
  • Ride to the cave in our support car, enjoying countryside views along the way (20 minutes)
  • Explore the cave on foot (typically 15 to 20 minutes)
  • Cycle to and around Lake Sai (typically 60 to 75 minutes)
    • Bike past plum and cherry trees on the waterfront, enjoying flower viewing in spring
    • Short break for snacks
    • Stop at a beach with an excellent view of Mt Fuji
    • Cycle past maple trees, viewing colorful leaves in fall
    • Complete the bike ride around Lake Sai
  • Ride to Kawaguchiko Station in our support car on picturesque routes (20 minutes)
  • Tour concludes at Kawaguchiko Station