Lake Overlook Bike and Hike Tour

   Panoramic Views
   Bike and Hike
   Art, Culture and Outdoors
   Optimal for Social Distancing

Tour highlights:
  • hike a mountain trail bordered by white beech and evergreen trees, hydrangeas and wildflowers
  • enjoy outstanding trailside views of Mt Fuji and its picturesque foothills
  • bike all the way around a scenic lakeshore
  • visit a beautiful historic shrine and a flower garden in the mountain's foothills
  • cycle under the branches of cherry trees that flower in spring
  • ride among maples and ginkos whose leaves turn red and yellow in fall
  • see Mt Fuji from some of the area's most famous viewpoints as well as from many that are off the beaten path on quiet country roads

Difficulty: Easy
Typical duration: 4 hours
Maximum duration: 4½ hours
Terrain: Flat bike paths and country roads, mountain hiking trail
Length: 20 km (12 mi), 2 km (1 mi)
Total elevation gain: 20 m (70 ft), 225 m (750 ft)
Departs from: Kawaguchiko Train Station
Tour fee: ¥14,000/person for 3 or more people, ¥20,000/person for 2 people or ¥40,000 for 1 person
What's included: Support car, English-speaking guide, bicycle, basic insurance, helmet, bottled water and snacks

Description: Hike a mountain trail with magnificent views of Mt Fuji and the lake below. The trail winds past patches of wildflowers and through groves of magnificent white beech trees, red pine and cypress. Hydrangeas along the course are decked with purple and pink blossoms in summer.

After the hike, you'll bike around the lake to picturesque country roads relatively few tourists ever see. Stops include Japan's oldest shrine dedicated to Mt Fuji, where our guides will demonstrate basic Shinto rituals and you can follow along if you wish. You'll also visit a lakeside flower park where the iconic mountain can be seen with colorful blooms in the foreground.

The cycling route offers outstanding seasonal attractions, including cherry and plum blossoms in spring and colorful maple and ginko leaves in fall.

  • Meet our guides at Kawaguchiko Station
  • Ride to the trailhead in our support car (5 minutes)
  • Hike the Lake Overlook Trail (typically 75 minutes)
    • Hike up to a series of vista points above the lake from which Mt Fuji can be seen (typically 50 minutes)
    • Hike back down, passing rows of hydrangeas that flower in summer (typically 25 minutes)
    • Conclude the hiking segment of the tour
  • Cycle around Lake Kawaguchi (typically 2½ hours)
    • Cycle over a bridge that spans the lake and offers beautiful views
    • Stop at a lookout point on the lakeshore
    • Bike beside rows of cherry trees on the waterfront, enjoying cherry blossom viewing in spring
    • Short break for snacks
    • Cycle through the "Maple Corridor," viewing colorful leaves in fall
    • Visit a flower park
    • Visit the oldest shrine dedicated to Mt Fuji and experience Shinto rituals
    • Bike to the quiet, scenic country roads on the less-developed side of the lake
    • View the "floating shrine" on the lake
    • Complete the bike ride around Lake Kawaguchi
  • Ride to Kawaguchiko Station in our support car (5 minutes)
  • Tour concludes at Kawaguchiko Station

Photos from the Lake Overlook Bike and Hike Tour